Sunday, July 11, 2010

La Furia Roja or the Oranje?

Spain or the Netherlands? Reigning European champions or two-time World Cup finals losers? Countrymen or Oranje Men?

I am torn. I have no idea which of the two countries I should support tonight. My heart lies with Spain as I do have Spanish blood in me. But, I feel for the Dutch as they had two really good sides in 1974 and '78, but ended up losing to the host nations, Germany and Argentina, respectively. They have a good side in South Africa, too, although many will argue that Spain have the better side.

Spain's wins, especially in the knockout stages of the 2010 WC have been brilliantly executed. They have a number of good players like Villa, Iniesta, Pique, Xavi, Puyol and Alonso. You should also add Silva and Torres to that list, although the former hasn't really been given a chance to shine and the latter seems to have left his shooting boots in Liverpool!

The Dutch have also been doing a great job, causing one of the upsets of the tournament by eliminating the much-vaunted Brazil side. Sneijder, Kuyt, De Jong, van Bronkhorst, van Bommel and Robben have been great, although I still think Robben needs to be a little less selfish (the way he runs actually irritates me but that's a story for another day perhaps!). Van Persie, perhaps, also left his shooting boots in England, but he's still not doing as badly as Torres is at the moment.

So, we come back to the same question. Which team do I support? I'm going to go with neither, since I can't make up my mind. Either way, we will have a new country winning the WC, so that in itself will cheer me.

What do I think will be the outcome? On paper, it looks like Spain will come away victors by maybe a 1-0 margin, but my gut is telling me Holland will win. I'm going to go with my gut, since it is rather large!!!

The slightly clouded crystal ball says: The Netherlands 2 Spain 1

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What a month so far

The start of the World Cup had been real slow, but boy has it picked up since then.

Germany look unbeatable at the moment, but I think they might slip up tomorrow against Spain. Of course, I may be a bit biased considering I am part Spanish!

The Netherlands v Uruguay, too, will be an intriguing match as Uruguay tries to redeem South American pride by making it to the final. But I think the Dutch will be too good for them.

Speaking of the Dutch, several English papers have linked Wesley Sneijder with Man United. Sneijder, to me, has been one of the heroes of the World Cup so far. He is the lynchpin of the Oranje, even though Arjen Robben has been getting all the plaudits. I would love to see him at Old Trafford, wearing United colours of course.

Actually, I've long thought it would be great to get Sneijder in MU. He would be a fantastic addition to the team and I really hope he does make the switch from the San Siro. The papers in the UK, however, can't seem to agree on one thing: the price. Some say it would cost 25 million Pounds Sterling, while others say it will be around 35 million.

Whatever it is, I think he would be worth it.

Oh, and other people reportedly linked with a transfer to United: Luis Suarez, Diego Forlan (again) and Mesut Ozil.

I have to say, Ozil and Suarez, I wouldn't mind. But Forlan? You've got to be kidding me. Not suited for MU. Once bitten, twice shy!