Saturday, May 29, 2010

Apologies for the late posting

Been really, really busy lately, so have not had the chance to update the blog. Apologies for not doing so and apologies also to Chelsea fans for not congratulating you for your team's good wins.

The truth of the matter is that I was extremely busy and not because I was so morose that United were pipped to the title or that it's a case of sour grapes. My big boss may think so, but no.

Congratulations indeed to Chelsea and their fans. It was a job well done and the win over MU at Old Trafford was, as expected, the end of the road for the Red Devils, as far as I'm concerned.

It was good to learn that Javier Hernandez, the wunderkid who is the first Mexican to sign for MU, has been granted a work permit. When I heard about him, I immediately looked for videos on YouTube and was somewhat impressed with what I saw, though there were only a few videos. Hopefully, he will be something of a sensation at MU, if not immediately, then within the next few years.

Other than that, no real news coming out of Old Trafford apart from the usual rumours. I was sad to note that David Villa has joined Barcelona, as I have always wanted him at OT. But hey, I don't blame him. Barca are a class side.

So that's it for now. In the off season, I will not be updating this blog as often as I care to, but I will from time to time, especially if news comes about new signings. Don't see much of that happening till after the World Cup. I may also update the blog on the World Cup if I feel like it.

Who am I shouting for this World Cup. Well, I'm an Argentina fan so my first choice will always be Argentina, but I am also shouting for England, for obvious reasons as well as the fact that I have English ancestors. Also, Spain and Portugal, simply because I have Spanish and Portuguese blood in me as well!

Come on Maradona, prove me wrong and win the World Cup eh!

Monday, May 3, 2010

As good as over

Yes. It is.

Manchester United can kiss the league title goodbye, at least for this season. Have to face facts. There is almost zero, I repeat ZERO, chance of Chelsea dropping points at home to Wigan.

Of course, anything can happen. The ball, they say, is round. But Chelsea will be fired up to win and take the trophy in front of their own fans. And, to top it all off, Wigan have nothing to play for, having already secured their spot in the EPL next season.

I couldn't watch the Liverpool-Chelsea game due to a dinner I had to attend. Despite Gerrard making a horrid mistake and passing the ball straight to Drogba for the first goal, and despite the Merseysiders apparently not playing well, I don't think they were playing to lose. I think they have too much pride for that.

I jokingly told a few Liverpool fans that perhaps they wanted to lose only because they want Rafa out of the picture next season, but of course I don't believe that either.

Anyway, as I said before, anything can happen, so I'll be praying for a miracle this weekend!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

This is it

It's crunch time. If Chelsea win tonight, the title is theirs.

There is no way Chelsea will drop points against a team like Wigan at Stamford Bridge. Sure, Wigan beat them earlier this season, but Chelsea are almost invincible at home and if MU can't overtake them this weekend, it won't happen next weekend either.

The latest news from Anfield is encouraging. They're not giving up, apparently. Chelsea, meanwhile, have no fresh injury worries. Terry returns to the side and will likely partner Alex. His regular partner Carvalho is still out injured. Obi Mikel, meanwhile, returns to the side following his recovery from an injury that left him out of the side that featured against Stoke in that 7-0 drubbing.

Obi Mikel's return is not a plus point, as far as I'm concerned, as I believe there are much better players than he. But Terry's return is certainly an inspiration for the Blues. Alex and Ivanovic did well for Chelsea in Terry's absence against Stoke through suspension. But to be frank, they were hardly tested against a Stoke side that looked utterly lost at the Bridge.

The worry here is Liverpool. Despite an abysmal season, by their standards, Liverpool have the ability to beat any team on their day. I don't believe all this nonsense about letting Chelsea win so that MU can't claim the record 19th league title and kick Pool off of their pedestal. Liverpool players, the club itself, have too much pride for that. The problem is that the players may be tired after that hard-fought 2-1 extra time win over Athletico Madrid, which unfortunately for them, cost them a place in the Europa League final.

My gut feeling is that Liverpool will take some points off Chelsea tonight, but even if they do, there's no guarantee MU will come away with the lead in the league by the end of the day. It's a tricky trip to Sunderland tonight for the Red Devils.

Reports from Old Trafford have it that Ferdinand and Rooney may face the Black Cats. Whether or not they are there, Sunderland are no easy meat at their home ground. And Bruce is no slouch of a manager, either.

My guess, though, is that MU will come away with all three points, especially if Chelsea draw or lose at Anfield.

The slightly clouded crystal ball says: Liverpool 2 Chelsea 2; Sunderland 0 MU 1