Saturday, September 18, 2010

Reds and the Devils

Easily the most awaited tie of the year. Forget MU vs Chelsea. Who cares about MU vs Arsenal. It's the Red Devils vs the Reds that captures everybody's attention.

MU go into the match on the back of two straight draws. The game against Everton was an utter waste, while the one in the Champions League against Rangers was a sham. A sham not because Sir Alex decided to make 10 changes to the starting lineup from the game against the Toffees, but that Rangers just came to park not only the team bus, but their supporters' buses as well. A sham and a shame!

No matter. Small hiccup, I say. But poor Valencia. You have to feel for the lad. Didn't really see how he was injured, thanks to what is now SOP for TV stations, not to show replays of horrific injuries, but the the look of pure distress on Broadfoot's face was enough to tell you how bad it was.

The side will likely welcome back Berbatov, Scholes, Evra and VDS and you have to believe that Vidic and Ferdinand will renew their partnership, which to me is always a good thing. Nani will likely be flying down the wings again, and it only remains to be seen who will on the other wing. Giggs? Not likely. He'll probably be on the bench. So I think it's going to be Park.

Liverpool will be delighted with their win in the Europa League, with a team minus their stars like Gerrard and Torres. They will be in confident mood for the trip to Old Trafford despite not having a very good start to the league, what more with the return of Gerrard and Torres.

No doubt the match will be close. It usually is. No matter how badly either one of the teams are playing at the moment, such matches usually are very close.

I still feel Man United will maintain their 100 per cent home record in the Premier League in this one. But it will definitely be a close one. A win by a solitary goal is what I predict.

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