Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to winning ways

So normal service has been resumed. A nervy time for fans, I am told, but as they say, a win is a win is a win.

To tell the truth, I missed the game. But I did manage to catch the goals. The goal we let in at first was soft, it must be said. De Gea, to be fair, looked to be unsighted till the last, but I still feel he could have done a little bit better.

But there was everything else there, wasn't there. A brilliant goal from RvP, an easy goal for Kagawa, a rare goal from Rafael, and a freak own goal from Vidic.

Let's start with van Persie. That was sheer brilliance. Under pressure from a defender, the ball hit with some pace at him, flank to the goal and you would think a little out of position. But the shot was volleyed with such sweet precision. There's no denying it -- he's begun to pay back what United spent on him, and he will soon have paid back everything.

Fulham players had appealed against the other new boy's goal, but Shinji Kagawa was definitely onside when the shot came in and was spilled by the goalkeeper. So, again, there is no denying. It was a legitimate goal. Since the first time I saw Kagawa play for Dortmund, I have liked the boy. I definitely think that he, too, will soon repay what we paid for him.

What can I say about Rafael? He and twin brother Fabio are good investments too. Though both are a little rash, they are dilligent, tireless and fearless. It is good to see Rafael grab a goal.

And there really isn't much one can say about the own goal. That was as freaky as any own goal I've seen.

The only sad piece of news yesterday was the injury to Rooney. He will be out for about a month, which is a huge loss, no matter what some may think. But, with RvP in the squad, we may not feel it too much.

So, bring on the next opponents. I believe we're back on the road to another league title.

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