Thursday, October 7, 2010

What's happening, Sir Alex?

This post is one that is long overdue. What in the world is happening?

MU are notorious slow starters, but four draws out of four away games in the league is a record that can only be considered atrocious from the likes of a first-class team. Sir Alex has blasted the team for lacking killer instinct, and I have to say he's got it spot on. But is it just that?

The defence in the first two draws -- against Fulham and Everton -- has to take the blame. And after that, I think the team lacked confidence when it came to away games. Even the away win against Valencia didn't serve to give them a confidence boost.

Whatever it is, the Red Devils need to move up a gear from now on or Chelsea is going to run away with the title without a challenge.

In other news, it looks like a recall for out-on-loan midfielder Tom Cleverley. Fergie thinks he's in the reckoning for first team action, and while I'm not as convinced as the gaffer, I do think he is a star in the making. So, yes, bring him back.

Hawkeye for football, anyone?

The papers also have it that FIFA will bring in goal-line technology soon. Thank goodness, I say. It is about time, don't you think? So many horrible calls have been made that I believe there should be some sort of technology used.

UEFA has included two more referee's assistants for the Champions and Europa leagues but these are still subject to possible human error, or even graft. What's the problem with bringing in technology? The Hawkeye system has worked wonderfully for tennis. As long as checks are made before every game, the technology should prove accurate every time.

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