Monday, October 18, 2010

What is happening?

Another week, another draw. Can we take consolation in that we are the only team left unbeaten in the league? That, so far, is the only consolation. We lost our perfect record at home in the league. We have yet to win away. We have conceded 11 goals, although we have scored 18, the same as Arsenal with only Chelsea scoring more.

Again we had the game in the bag this weekend. Again, we let it slip. And in what fashion? A badly defended freekick turned into goal by our own player, and a howler like no other from VDS leading to the equalising goal. We should have been more than 2-0 up by half time. We were cruising and WBA had no answer.

But kudos to WBA for coming out with all guns blazing. They hassled and harried until the MU defence gave. Even the introduction of Rooney and Scholes in the second half of the second half proved fruitless.

But by far the thing that did the worst damage was Giggs going off in the first half. After that, there were hardly any attacks down the left flank. Most of the play came down the right with Nani.

Now the Brit papers are saying Rooney wants out and has refused to sign a contract extension. He has 18 months left on his current contract and big teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid are said to be keeping tabs on him. Quite frankly, if his heart isn't in it, he should just go. MU should just sell him. If he can't perform because his heart isn't in it, then there is no use keeping him.

I'm hoping he won't go, of course, and that he'll get back to form and start producing again, start loving playing for the club again. But if he is really adamant, then let him go. No one is bigger than the club.

But a great goal-getter needs to be brought in to replace him. Berbatov is back to not scoring. Hernandez has all the markings of a good player but at present is more a Solksjaer than anything. And Macheda is still not there yet. I can't seem to think of who it is could be brought in at this point in time. No striker that I can think of seems to be worth the prices being thrown about these days.

At present, Bursaspor should be all we think about. Let's whip them and then think about the next game.

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