Monday, March 7, 2011

Found wanting

Pathetic. That's the only way to describe that performance against Liverpool.

Take nothing away from the Reds. They did well indeed, especially Suarez. What a goal he didn't score, that first one! The ball would have crossed the line without Kuyt's help. You can say Kuyt stole the goal, but that didn't seem to matter for the Uruguayan, who celebrated like he did score, showing what a team player he is.

As for the second goal, I really don't know what to say. The commentators kept asking what Nani was trying to do. I thought that was silly. The movement of Nani's head indicated that he was trying to send the ball out of the penalty area. What I can't understand is how he could have mistimed his header in such a fashion, because his head ended up moving before the ball could reach him. So it hit the back of his head and went perfectly over Carrick and onto the head of Kuyt, thank you very much!

The third goal may have been a consequence of a great freekick from Suarez, but you have got to give Kuyt the kudos for following up so fast. The United defence was sleeping and VDS, who did well to reach the shot from Suarez, should have palmed it away. But still, take nothing away from Kuyt for that one.

Some controversial moments

Many people, and I'm not just talking about MU fans, say Carragher should have been sent off for that challenge on Nani. Bad though it was, I disagree. I think it only warranted a yellow card, and the ref got it right.

What should have been a red card was Skrtel's attack on Rafael. Rafael's silly lunge at a Liverpool player (I think it was Lucas) was brought on because of the high boot he received from another 'Pool player (Rodriguez, I believe). Whatever the "mitigating" circumstances, though, he should not have lunged like that. He definitely deserved the booking he got, though Rodriguez got away with his challenge.

But why did Skrtel only get a yellow? Lashing out at an opponent is a red card offence. No two ways about it. But here's another point, if you're not convinced. Van der Sar was booked for dissent when he ran from his penalty area to protest to the ref about Carragher's challenge on Nani. If that warrants a yellow, then Skrtel running from his penalty area to the middle of the field to attack Rafael should warrant a red. How can protesting to the ref about something bear the same consequence as attacking another player?

If Skrtel had been sent off, the game might have changed. The result might have been different.

Having said that, however, I have to say that it is beside the point. The point is that MU played badly, and Liverpool played a fantastic game. They definitely deserved the three points. And good on them, because a team like Liverpool deserves better than the sixth place they are in right now.

So, Sir Alex. It's time to pick up the pieces of your team, OUR team. It's time to get back to winning ways. It's time to show the world what MU is capable of.

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