Monday, August 19, 2013

Great start

So I was a little off in my predictions for starting line-up and score.

Quite frankly, after predicting a scoreline of 1-3 in MU's favour, I had second thoughts. I have a lot of respect for Swansea and Laudrup in particular. Plus, they were playing at home. But it was a feeling I had that it would be a big scoreline, so I dismissed those second thoughts.

But the no BS evaluation of the game was that United were lucky to have that big a scoreline in their first match. Just before the first goal, the stats flashed on the screen showed that the Swans had 60 per cent of possession. That's an incredible bit of statistics.

After the goal though, MU grew stronger. All four United goals were brilliant, though Welbeck's first was brilliant more for the pass. So, let's look at the goals in detail.

RVP's first took me by surprise. I had thought it was another attempt gone wanting when the ball popped up at such a height, with a defender closing in. It was truly something else, a fantastic bit of acrobatic skill, which saw van Persie burying that ball in the back of the net.

Valencia should take most of the credit for the second. He could have taken the shot, but decided to square it for Welbeck instead. Kudos for that footballing brain and unselfish bit of behaviour. Credit also to Welbeck for moving into position for that pass.

The third goal was really well struck, though there was a huge element of defensive error there, considering the Swansea defence didn't put any pressure on RVP when he was on the ball. But credit should also go to Rooney and, I believe it was Welbeck, for drawing a couple of defenders away with their runs.

The final goal was, for me, Welbeck's finest since he began playing for the first team. It took the replay for me to realise just how good the goal was, as I initially thought his shot was deflected over the keeper. But no. It was a clean lob over the keeper and into goal. Extremely well taken and shows the improvement in his thinking abilities.

Last season, Welbeck scored only one league goal, meaning he has already doubled his tally this season. I think the pressure to score in the league last season caused the young lad to be a little hurried when trying to score last season. This led to some bad decisions while on the ball. I believe he now has a cooler head on his shoulders. Kudos to the lad.

More on that last goal. The through ball from Rooney was perfectly weighted and the supposed wantaway striker did really well. sadly, the Sunday Times of London chose to slag Rooney off saying that his decision not to celebrate the goal showed that he is still set on leaving United. The journo who wrote that should get the facts right. After playing the defence-splitting pass that led to Welbeck's second goal, Rooney was fouled from behind. It left the striker on the ground for a while, and limping for a bit after. Can you blame him for not joining in the celebrations?

All in all, it was a great start, but not the best performance. Now, let's see how we perform against Chelsea and Man City soon.

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