Sunday, January 24, 2010

Simply wonderful

What a game. What a performance by Rooney!

Missed most of the game, dozing off because I was just too tired after a full day at the NPC inter-media hockey tourney, but from what I saw, this was the best performance for a long, long time! Rooney's goals were really well taken, especially the second and fourth.

The defence looked rock solid, something I have not been able to say for a really long time. Ferdinand played well despite being out for quite a while. Evans was good too, as were Evra (who is probably the most consistent of all the MU players) and young Rafael. The entire midfield played well too, including Nani.

Nani has got to be the greatest enigma in the United squad. The boy has the skills, but his performances belie this. Ronaldo was exactly like him when he first came to United. He held on to the ball for way too long, passing only when he had no other choice. And when he should hold on, he passed. It's the same with Nani. But where Ronaldo learned from his mistakes and improved, Nani hasn't. So yesterday's game showed Nani can do it. Let's hope he continues to do so.

Up front, Owen and Rooney worked well together. Owen just needs to improve on his shooting. For such a natural finisher, he seems to have lost much of his ability! But still, he combined well with Rooney.

So, it's top of the league again, albeit with more games played than Arsenal and Chelsea. This means more pressure on the other two clubs, and hopefully, this will translate to dropped points for them.

Good job boys. Let's keep up the good work!

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