Thursday, January 28, 2010

To Wembley we will go!

What a match!

As expected, the game was as exciting as any derby match would be, although I thought the first half was a little off. Well done lads!

As a good friend put it, it is amazing what a difference having van der Sar and Ferdinand back had on the team. United were rock solid in defence and Tevez was constantly frustrated up front. I have to say though that Bellamy caused all sorts of problems but ultimately couldn't do much about it.

Speaking of Bellamy, I thought he should have been carded for constantly complaining and contesting the calls against him. How much dissent should a referee take before handing out a card? I think he clearly deserved one, but then again, maybe I'm biased!

Another thing I have to say is that when I saw the five-man midfield lineup, I thought the worst. But they played well together and ended up delivering. What more can you ask when you have midfielders scoring goals for you?

As the good friend also said, Scholes and Giggs seemed to roll back the years last night. The only thing that marred their performance was that yellow for Scholes. How is it that Scholes has not learnt to tackle in all those years playing football is just beyond me. The best part of it all is that he is just such a nice fellow, so much so that no one thinks he is a dirty player, despite the large number of cards he's picked up over the years. His reputation as a bad tackler though, sometimes has him getting carded for the smallest infraction.

Fletcher and Carrick were great too, especially the former. Fletcher's combativeness was a delight to see as that is something the team lacks sometimes. His set-up for Carrick's goal was good too as he showed what a good team player he is by pushing it to his mate and not trying to turn and shoot. And what a goal it was. Scholes' goal was good, but Carrick's was just something else. It was so beautifully placed that it didn't take much power for it to go past Given and bulge the net.

The blemish to the team's performance came when Tevez scored. It was a good piece of opportunistic finishing coupled with a bit of luck. I hated it that of all people it was Tevez who scored.

And now we come to that talismanic striker who seems to be unable to stop scoring these days. Rooney made it 3-1, making sure that for the second time in a row, Man City lost to a goal in time added on at Old Trafford.

So another Man City loss at Old Trafford in injury time means another 4-3 scoreline (albeit over two legs) and another appearance in a finals for Man United. Now bring on Aston Villa.

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