Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A non-controversial win

Last night's game against Bursaspor, thankfully, was not as controversial as the one against Spurs over the weekend. Three well-taken goals from three beautifully-worked moves showed United's true class, even if they weren't exactly playing at full speed.

It would be difficult to pick out a man-of-the-match as it seemed like everyone was playing well, except perhaps Berbatov. The Bulgarian seemed out of touch with his surroundings!

But what really struck me about the game is not what was happening on the field. It was the stands that caught my attention. Despite being three goals down, the Bursaspor fans were singing their hearts and lungs out. I don't think a single person left the stadium before the final whistle.

I know Turks are fanatical supporters of their respective teams. But if you compare the Bursaspor fans to the fans of Galatasaray, for instance, during their European matches with United in the past, there is a whole lot of difference. While Galatasaray fans did not have any sportsmanship, the Bursaspor fans did. What an incredible experience listening to them sing and cheer despite being down.

You can't say the same for many United fans. They tend to boo and hiss if MU play badly. Granted, United fans are a spoilt lot since the team win a lot, but it is a welcome change to hear the Bursaspor lot having a great time. It's not just United fans either. I'm sure a vast majority of the world's teams have such fans.

In Malaysia, the best fans used to be the Selangor fans. They, too, jeered their team when they were down. Now, Kelantan fans are arguably the most fanatical, but they too would run amok if their team didn't perform to expectations.

So, Bursaspor, your fans rock.

As for the controversial goal against Spurs, I have this to say: It was a legitimate goal, as the whistle was never blown for handball (isn't that what we're always told, play to the whistle?), so don't blame the ref, people. Blame that fool Gomes.

I do, however, think that, perhaps, Nani could have not taken advantage of Gomes' idiocy, thus showing a little sportsmanship. I don't know. The jury is still out on that. One thing is for sure, though. His celebration after scoring the goal was a little too much, don't you think? With that kind of celebration, anyone who missed seeing the goal would have thought Nani dribbled past the entire opposing team to score an amazing goal!!!!

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