Sunday, February 27, 2011

Did we deserve it?

Watching the game last night, I was left feeling sorry for Wigan.

The Latics played some wonderful football, and poor Roberto Martinez has really brought some style to their game. But they just can't seem to score.

The 4-0 scoreline was not a true reflection of the game. I have to say that Wigan only crumbled after Chicharito's second goal. Prior to that, they played some impressive football.

Having said that, all four goals were fantastic. In fact, if Nani had not wasted so many chances, MU would have won by a bigger margin. Yes, it would have been even more unfair on Wigan. This was just a measure of how deadly United can be in front of goal.

In truth, Wigan could have scored several times if not for some fantastic saves from VDS and some fantastic defending from both Vidic and Smalling. The last of those three looks like a good buy. Smalling has a bright future ahead of him if he continues to improve.

But let's talk about that young wonder called Javier Hernandez. The Little Pea is another astute piece of business by Fergie and has already repaid Old Red Nose's faith and investment in him several times over. Both were well taken goals coming at the end of some fantastic play, but they would never have come if he didn't have amazing foresight that allows him to see just where he needs to be, as well as great finishing.

Speaking of great moves, Rooney showed yesterday just how effective a team player he is by being involved in both of Hernandez's goals. The second was especially fine as that through ball was inch perfect and timed to perfection. So even if he isn't scoring all that many goals, he is still an invaluable player.

It was also good to see Fabio score. Not too bad for a leftback playing out of position! As for the player he replaced, Nani was apparently at the wrong end of the famous hairdryer treatment while still on the field, then made his exit a short while later. He needs to learn more. Seriously. He is just not enough of a team player. He has improved in that aspect this year, I'll give him that. But the boy still is incredibly selfish a lot of time. He shoots when he should pass simply because he believes too strongly in his ability. Nothing wrong with that except if there's a better choice, you should always go for the better choice.

Now then. It's on to Stamford Bridge for what is hopefully a cracker of a game this week!

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