Friday, September 13, 2013

Fellaini's debut?

Will he of the wild hair make his debut this weekend?

All indications are that Fellaini will be in the starting line-up against newbies Crystal Palace at Old Trafford. He should be working alongside Carrick in the middle of the park, in place of Cleverley, who I thought did not have a good game against Liverpool.

With Palace having lost two and won one in their first season back in the top flight, I think this will be a good chance for Moyes to try out some of the other players. Players like Zaha, who could be a good one to have line up against his old club.

Before I go into the First 11 I hope to see, which I believe may just be the one Moyes uses, let's look at some team news.

Rooney is definitely out, though he is hoping to make his return in the derby next week. So is Rafael. Jones is likely out as well.

So, I believe Moyes will stick with De Gea in goal, Vidic and Ferdinand in the middle of defence, Evra at leftback. The rightback position, however, is a toss-up between Smalling and Valencia. Quite frankly, I would like to see Valencia in the game, but since I also want to see Zaha in it as well, I think my preferred line-up would be Valencia playing behind Zaha. That would be an awesome attacking force running down the right.

As I said earlier, Carrick and Fellaini should be calling the shots in the midfield. I'm hoping Nani will be out left as I think he did a decent job when he came on last time around. I think he will only get better.

That leaves the attack. Obviously RVP will be there as Moyes looks to catch the leading pack. He may have fired blanks in the last two matches, but you never, ever count him out. But who will be his strike partner?

The obvious choices will be either Welbeck or Hernandez. Frankly, I prefer Chicharito. Much better player, and has a better footballing brain. Harries the opposition a lot, too.

But for this game, I'm hoping Moyes will experiment a little and put Kagawa in the slot just behind RVP. No offence to Palace, but this is not top class opposition the likes of Liverpool, Arsenal, Man City, Chelsea or even Spurs. So an experiment with Kagawa playing in the hole would be good, with both Chicharito and Welbeck on the bench ready to be called upon later in the game.

Oh, and I would also like to see Januzaj on the bench and making an appearance some time during the match as well.

Crystal ball says: MU 3-0 Palace

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