Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Getting there

Apart from the lapses in concentration at the back, yesterday's performance was, by far, the best of the season.

Rooney was clearly the man of the match, but the entire team played well, especially going forward. Hyppia's Leverkusen never really looked like they could get in the match, except maybe for that short period after they equalised.

To be fair, though, the German team probably was hard done by for the first goal. That should not have been allowed as Valencia was definitely offside. How can anyone argue that he was not interfering with play?

Rooney should have had a hat trick, but that miss when the score was still 1-0 was incredible. Actually, I believe he was caught in two minds. Having rounded the keeper, I think he dragged the ball a little too much and was left with a tight angle. He probably couldn't decide whether to go for goal or square for RVP. In the end, I believe he tried squaring the ball, simply because he used his left leg. If you look at his second goal, he went for it with his right. So, the conclusion, at least in my mind, is that he went for the pass.

Rooney, you have to admit, is on fire. He is now on 200 goals for MU. What a milestone, indeed. And that pass for Valencia's goal was absolutely inch perfect.

RVP wasn't having one of his best games, but his goal was just sublime. And on his supposedly weaker foot to boot.

Fellaini still needs a little time, perhaps, to gel with the team, but he was a pretty solid rock in midfield. And it was great to see Kagawa back, even if he began to tire a little towards the end of his stint. Not surprising, since he was just down with a virus.

So, with his first win in Europe under his belt, it looks like it can only get better for David Moyes. This win will surely give him more confidence, and the team too.

Good job lads!

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